We are now approximately one and a half months into the program presented by The German Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen, VdU), Global Digital Women (GDW), and Amazon. The first time has been intense for the candidates, attending two video lectures per week, working to complete their short- and longterm strategy together with their coaches and implementing changes straight away as their strategies develop. As selling online is new or semi-new for all of the participants, it is intense and challenging work. The rewards are almost instant though, with many of the candidates already having launched or being very close to launching their first products online.

These are my three main takeaways from the program so far:

Ask for help and help shall come your way

It always amazes me how willing people are to help out if you only ask for it. Within the program, the candidates have access not only to their own coach but to all fourteen coaches. As we all have different backgrounds, different experiences and different networks, there is almost an unlimited supply of expertise to be found. All they need to do is ask. For example, my candidates both have a need for more detailed knowledge of social media strategies and as that is not my area of expertise, I reached out to Charlotte da Silva at Salgado and asked if she would be willing to help us out there. The result was an hour jam-packed with information, tips and advice and loads of great takeaways for my candidates that could be instantly implemented. Absolutely brilliant. All it takes is a question and willingness to listen.

A goal without a plan is just a dream

One of the most challenging parts of this program is for the candidates to establish where they are currently at and where they want to go. Every single part of the “where they want to go” part needs to be quantified and have a set deadline. Do you want to grow internationally? Then how many countries will you enter and when will that happen? Do you want to be one of the most well-known online brand in your segment? Then how many mentions online do you need and when will you have them by? Do you want to have 100k followers on Instagram? Then how many do you need to get every day and when will you be celebrating the success? When you have a goal that you can measure, you can make a plan for how you will reach that goal and all of a sudden, you are on your way there.

The opportunities online are endless

If there is one thing this program has shown me and everyone around, it is that there are opportunities everywhere. Within this program, we have everything from natural sunscreenand minibags made in Europe to jeans and exclusive rugs. As if that was not enough, let us throw breadagriproducts and furniture in there as well. All of these will find their way online throughout the program and it is fascinating to see the development. The need to have a digital strategy regardless of industry is clearly manifested by this program and there has never been a better time to start than now.

PS. Talking about asking for help, do you have any particular skill that you think could be beneficial for entrepreneurs at the beginning of their online journey? Perhaps in Adwords, SEO, automation, PR or something like that? Would you like to help my awesome candidates to move forward quicker? Please do not hesitate to get in touch, any advice/tips/tricks are super appreciated!

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